Maths Subject Lead

Miss R Smallshaw

Miss R Smallshaw

KS1 Subject Lead

Mrs L Hobbin-Mills

Mrs L Hobbin-Mills

KS2 Subject Lead

Maths at Kingsteignton School is focussed around the scheme of ‘White Rose Education’. This scheme is based around providing a mastery approach within mathematics. Each maths area is broken down into small, sequential steps and building on the prior learning taught in the previous year. 

To teach this scheme, children are exposed to both episodic lessons and problem-solving lessons. Both of these styles of lessons allow children to access support through manipulatives, pictorials and adults, as well as accessing challenges at each stage. 

In episodic lessons, the lesson is partitioned into 3 or 4 parts where the key knowledge is built upon, gradually getting to more challenging questions. 

For problem-solving lessons, the children will be given an open-ended learning task, where the children use mathematical strategies that they already know to solve the problem. 

Regardless of what style of lesson the children are being taught, they are encouraged hugely to use mathematical talk through stem sentences to explain and reason their thinking. 

Aside from the core maths lesson, children across the school are given further opportunities to build on and practice their fluency of key skills that underpin mathematics by having regular times table tests, arithmetic questions and flashback questions from previous learning. 

We also promote giving children the opportunity to show their mathematical understanding through cross-curricular opportunities. For example, this may be when looking at statistical data in a Science/Geography lesson, timelines in History or measuring in scientific investigations and experiments. 


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