Computing Subject Lead

Mrs A Renshaw

Mrs A Renshaw

Subject Lead

We are very lucky at Kingsteignton School to have a whole wide range of technology to utilise across all year groups, including iPads, Chromebooks for each child, interactive whiteboards in every classroom and many other devices to support coding.

To support the National Curriculum coverage, we follow the Purple Mash scheme of work to teach Computing from EYFS to Year 6. Purple Mash is a comprehensive scheme that encompasses all National Curriculum objectives, including the EYFS early learning goals. Within Purple Mash lessons, children have the opportunity to access an ambitious curriculum which enables them to complete ‘2Dos’ which are linked to the objective for that particular lesson. Purple Mash can be adapted to all abilities, including challenging the most able of Computing experts (of which we have many in our school!). 

Computing knowledge and understanding is also expanded outside of specific Computing lessons. All children have regular opportunities to use their knowledge within other subjects too – for example giving presentations using PowerPoint about a History topic.

We have a real focus on promoting Online Safety at Kingsteignton School, with Computing lessons being a key component of this. In each year group from Year 1 to Year 6, the children undertake an Online Safety unit as part of the Purple Mash Computing scheme of work. This ensures that the importance of Online Safety stays fresh in the minds of the children as they move through the school and their knowledge and understanding of this are built up year on year.

Throughout the year, we also carry out a range of different assemblies to promote Computing across the school, such as Internet Safety Day.



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