Art Subject Lead

Miss R Smallshaw

Miss R Smallshaw

Subject Lead

At Kingsteignton School, we value the creativity that the at curriculum brings, giving many children a chance to shine. Through engaging, inspiring and challenging pupils, children are given ample opportunities to create their own works of art, craft and design. Across all year groups, children will build knowledge around different artists and reflect on how they have shaped our history and contributed to the culture and creativity of our nation.  

Children record their art experimentation in their sketch books. Children are given opportunities to gradually build their proficiency in drawing, painting, sculpture etc., meaning they can use a range of materials to design and make products. Through these, they are able to develop a wide range of techniques in using colour, patterns texture, line, shape, form and space.  

Once creating their final pieces after a sequence of lessons, children are given the opportunity to reflect on their artwork and feel and sense of pride over their creativity.  

Children are also given other opportunities to develop their artistic skills through artist visits and clubs. 


DfE Programme of Study - Art

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