Welcome to Kingsteignton School

Welcome back to another year in the life of Kingsteignton School.

We are so happy that we now have such a fantastic reputation in the local area and will work very hard to maintain and grow this by continuing to develop our curriculum and the opportunities provided for both children and staff. This will allow them to show just how amazing they can be across a wide range of experiences and learning opportunities.

At the core of our school is the belief that success rises from the culture of the school and from the happiness and wellbeing of both pupils and staff. We don’t learn (or teach) well if we are unhappy or unwell. That means everybody playing their part in showing respect, kindness and support to each other but also making sure that we remember to look after ourselves as well both physically and mentally.

Success within a school is also about changing children’s lives for the better and that means modelling and acting out the behaviour and values by which we would like everybody to live. It should be about wonder and astonishment, excitement and risk, challenge and support, enterprise and adventure and every child should feel happy to come into school and privileged that they are able to access a motivating and inspirational curriculum with staff who value and nurture each child so that they want to learn and achieve beyond their expectations.

We believe that there is no contradiction between order and discipline and a belief that a school should be full of laughter and joy. Visitors always comment on the calm and serene atmosphere of our school and the respect children show to each other and to the adults in school. This is achieved by actively celebrating the positive and quietly but firmly discouraging the negative.

Attainment and progress are of course important in improving children’s life chances but, ideally, they should grow naturally from everything else that is happening in school.

We are a dementia friendly school and the principles and values we promote here at Kingsteignton School will go a long way in positively impacting on how our children live their lives into the future and their ability to deal with dementia with compassion, respect and understanding.


Penny Fitch

Principal of Kingsteignton School &

Chief Executive Officer of the United Schools Trust

‘Aiming Higher, Achieving More, Together’ – a philosophy that underpins all that we do.

We will:

· provide all children with an outstanding and inspiring education within a caring and nurturing environment.

· value pupils’ individuality and celebrate their unique gifts and talents through a range of opportunities designed to help achieve personal and academic excellence.

· promote the values of friendship, compassion, justice, courage and perseverance.

· motivate and inspire children to explore and learn about the world around them through our creative curriculum

· help to develop an awareness of their roles within the community and to prepare them for healthy, active lives that embrace technology.

Dr Penny Fitch

Vision Statement

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27 November 2023
Image of Open the Book: The Fiery Furnace

Open the Book: The Fiery Furnace

This afternoon, we welcomed 'Open the Book' into school, who performed the bible story 'The Fiery Furnace', along with some volunteers from Buttercup and Primrose Classes. In this story King Nebuchadnezzar built a golden statue of himself for everyone to worship. However, ...

24 November 2023
Image of Changing States of Matter!

Changing States of Matter!

Today, we observed materials that can change their states of matter. We had a competition to see who could melt an ice cube from a solid to liquid the fastest, using only our body. We then explored different materials and changed their state of matter - we melted chocolate, thinking about wh...

24 November 2023
Image of Materials that are hard to sort!

Materials that are hard to sort!

Today, we explored materials that are more difficult to sort into solids, liquids and gases. We learnt that some materials, like ooblek and toothpaste, are a combination of solid and liquid. We also looked at materials that flow slower than water but are still liquids like treacle. ...

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