Making Schools for the 3LPs!

Image of Making Schools for the 3LPs!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been busy working in terms to create our schools for the 3LPs. The children had to use all of their knowledge that they have learnt throughout our Big Question to create a school that was waterproof and could cope with the Big Bad Wolf's huff and puff! The…

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Investigating Friction!

Image of Investigating Friction!

Today, we investigated the effect of friction. We looked at different surfaces and predicted which surface would create the most friction. We spoke about how to make sure our experiment was a fair test and decided that we would only change one variable (the surface). We measured how far a car…

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Andy Seed

Image of Andy Seed

What a fantastic day!

We have all been inspired to get reading by the wonderful author, Andy Seed! He had us all giggling away as we recited poems, played with language and learnt what it takes to be an author (especially with the perks he mentioned like… being your own boss and eating biscuits…

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Author Visit from Andy Seed!

Image of Author Visit from Andy Seed!

What a fantastic day!

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Children's Mental Health Week!

Image of Children's Mental Health Week!

This week, on top of Safer Internet Day, we have also been taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week, which, we are sure you will agree, is extremely important. As you know, human beings are intrinsically connected to each other, and these connections are vital for the wellbeing of all…

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Experimenting with materials and their properties!

Image of Experimenting with materials and their properties!

When looking at properties of materials, it was clear that the children weren't so secure on their understanding of waterproof, absorbent, transparent and opaque. We decided to set up an experiment that would enable us to test and observe these properties of materials. Within this experiment, we…

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Birdwatchers on the loose!

Image of Birdwatchers on the loose!

Before bird watching, we talked about how many different birds we knew. With over twenty different species I was very impressed! Answers ranged from sparrows, woodpeckers and kingfishers to flamingos, penguins and ostriches! This led to conversations around which types of birds we would be likely…

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Mother's Day

Image of Mother's Day

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Open the Book: Jonah the Groaner

Image of Open the Book: Jonah the Groaner

This afternoon the story of Jonah the Groaner was brought to life by 'Open the Book' and a few helpers.  We learnt that the overarching message from of this story is that of compassion which is one of our school values.  We also learnt that Christians believe that even though Jonah had let God…

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Explorer Dome: Environment Show

Image of Explorer Dome: Environment Show

This afternoon we became adventurers, exploring Planet Earth.

We enjoyed crawling through the tunnel, following the fairy lights into the dome,  where we looked at the night sky and images of planet Earth from space.   We visited the jungle, savannah, desert and found out about deforestation in…

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Ambassadors champion rights!

Image of Ambassadors champion rights!

Class Ambassadors AND Champions of Specific Rights!

Our class ambassadors have decided to each champion one of UNICEF's Rights of the Child. They will be a point of contact for that right and will deliver assemblies relating to that right.

The rights that our amazing ambassadors have chosen…

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Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Image of Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Anti-Bullying Week - A Time to Stand up for our Rights!


Our Rights Respecting Class Ambassadors discussed how raising awareness of bullying - and standing up against bullying - helps us to preserve the right to feel safe, the right to to play and relax and the right to an education.


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