Open the Book: Jesus and the Tax Collector

Image of Open the Book: Jesus and the Tax Collector
Today we welcomed 'Open the Book' into school, who along with some children in Y1 and 2, performed a story about Zacchaeus called ‘Jesus and the Tax Collector’. Zacchaeus was not kind to the people at the beginning and hurt many feelings, but through Jesus he saw the error of his ways and changed…
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Up, Up and Away!

Image of Up, Up and Away!

In order to fully embrace our Geography Big Question of, 'What goes on at an airport and train station?', our hall was set up as an airport for today! The children bought in their hand luggage cases and were ready to board Kingsteignton School Airways! We went through the whole process of an…

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The Egg Hatched!

Image of The Egg Hatched!

After patiently waiting and closely observing, the egg hatched overnight! The children came in to quite a mess in the classroom and were eager to find out what had happened! We decided to ask the office to send us CCTV footage of the egg hatching... they managed to get the outcome on video! As you…

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Our new seedlings!

Image of Our new seedlings!

Introducing a few Dandelion children and, for the first time ever, a few Tansy children! We’re very excited to be a two form entry school and we can’t wait to share our learning with you! 

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A Special Delivery!

Image of A Special Delivery!

To kick start our Science topic of Animals' Needs for Survival, we had an egg delivered to the classroom. The children have enjoyed predicting what might be inside and are waiting patiently for it to hatch! 

We wonder what it could be?!

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Cranesbill's Pencil Cases are Sew Lovely

Image of Cranesbill's Pencil Cases are Sew Lovely

Year 3 have been busy designing pencil cases and making them. They got to practice their running stitch and stitching on a button as well as learning a new stitch (blanket stitch). They also decorated their pencil cases using their chosen design, carefully cutting out shapes. We are sew happy with…

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Stover Safari

Image of Stover Safari

Today we visited Stover to learn about the different types of plants and their functions. We also identified different types of trees using their leaves. It was a great day and we even had time to explore the grounds of Stover! Can you identify these trees? 


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Greek Olympics

Image of Greek Olympics

As part of our Ancient Greek learning, we had a Greek Olympics afternoon. We played the sports that the Ancient Greeks played in the Olympics and compared these to the events in the Olympics now. We were split into Athens and Sparta - Sparta won! 

We competed in: (thumb) wrestling, chariot…

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Greek Clay Pots

Image of Greek Clay Pots

Year 3 have been making Greek Clay Pots. They began by designing their clay pot. They then made their pots using the coiling method and they designed their art work. Once they dried, they painted their design onto their pots and then they evaluated their pots. What do you think of…

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Modern Day Mary Anning's

Image of Modern Day Mary Anning's

To finish our Mary Anning topic, we visited Charmouth so that we could have a go at being fossil hunters.  We used our knowledge from the video that we watched in the Heritage Centre to help us identify the most common fossils, ammonites, belemnites and crinoids.  We found lots of examples of…

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Open the Book: Down Through the Roof

Image of Open the Book: Down Through the Roof

This afternoon we heard the story 'Down through the Roof'.  A man who could not walk wanted to be healed by Jesus. When the man’s friends carried him to the house where Jesus was staying, they found the house to be packed with people wanting to hear Jesus and be healed by him. The friends made…

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Making African Masks!

Image of Making African Masks!

To finish our Kenyan topic, we designed and made our very own African masks, inspired by those that we saw from Rayson, alongside those that we have seen when learning all about the Maasai tribe! We used our knowledge of African patterns and colours to influence our design. 

Here are what…

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