A visit from St Nicholas!

Today the children in Buttercup received a visit from St Nicholas.  After looking at our lovely gifts we found out about who St Nicholas was and heard some stories about him. What an exciting start to the day!

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Theatre Alibi

What a treat Theatre Alibi were, as always! This time, we received a rather large and strange parcel... The children gathered in the hall to investigate. To our complete astonishment, it turned out that there two people living in the parcel! Through a fantastic performance, we learnt all about the…

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How do Christian's Celebrate Christmas?

Today, some of Buttercup Class visited the church to learn about the Christmas story and understand how Christian's celebrate Christmas. The children visited different stations around the church to learn about the key events and preparations that Christian's make at this time of year; the

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Why is Christmas important to Christians?

The children in Primrose Class enjoyed a Christmas Experience at St Michael's Church today. There were 5 different stations that allowed the children to explore the Christmas Story that Christians believe is so important. This involved learning about the preparations Christians make, the important…

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Children in need

The children in Dandelion looked fab in their 'ME' outfits for this year's Children In Need Day. There were lots of Pudsey themed activities today and in cooking we made cheesy Pudsey puffs! 

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Meeting Florence Nightingale and a Modern-Day Nurse

On Tuesday, the children in Primrose Class had some very special visitors. One of them was Florence Nightingale and the other was a modern-day nurse! They began their visit by doing a wonderful talk about life as a nurse for Florence and comparing this to life as a nurse now. The children asked…

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A day in the life of a Victorian...

In Year 2, we recently stepped back into the times of the Victorian era to kick off our Florence Nightingale big question. We all got dressed up into all sorts of Victorian outfits. We had a whole range... from chimney sweeps, maids, poor boys, rich school girls and even a policeman! We started…

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Remembrance day

For our cooking this week we decided to make poppy inspired cupcakes. We followed a simple recipe then added red food colouring and poppy seeds. 

We started our session by feeling the poppy seeds and eating a few (just to check we wanted them in our cupcakes). Once we had explored the seeds, we…

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Visit from Newton Abbot Museum

Year 1 have had a special visitor this week! Mrs Green, from Newton Abbot museum visited us to kick start our topic on Toys. She brought with her a collection of toys that were older than our grown ups! Some were 200 years old! They were a special collection of toys called a ‘handling’ collection.…

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Halloween baking

Today in Dandelions, as part of our new Friday cooking sessions we made Halloween biscuits following the BBC good food recipe https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/easiest-ever-biscuits.  We made it our own by adding in 'witching hour' and 'vampire bats' sprinkles! After the children had rolled out…

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This week in Dandelions we have explored Diwali.

We started the day by reading the story of Rama and Sita, the children were very engrossed and loved the 10 headed King. We then learnt about Diva lamps and how they were used to light the way home for Rama and Sita.

The children spent the day…

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Black history month

We are focusing on one or two historical black figures to celebrate and recognise the important people that helped change and influence our lives!

We have learnt about Ella Fitzgerald, we read her story, listened to her music and talked about how it made us feel then tried to make our own…

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