Cranesbill's Pencil Cases are Sew Lovely

Image of Cranesbill's Pencil Cases are Sew Lovely

Year 3 have been busy designing pencil cases and making them. They got to practice their running stitch and stitching on a button as well as learning a new stitch (blanket stitch). They also decorated their pencil cases using their chosen design, carefully cutting out shapes. We are sew happy with…

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Stover Safari

Image of Stover Safari

Today we visited Stover to learn about the different types of plants and their functions. We also identified different types of trees using their leaves. It was a great day and we even had time to explore the grounds of Stover! Can you identify these trees? 


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Greek Olympics

Image of Greek Olympics

As part of our Ancient Greek learning, we had a Greek Olympics afternoon. We played the sports that the Ancient Greeks played in the Olympics and compared these to the events in the Olympics now. We were split into Athens and Sparta - Sparta won! 

We competed in: (thumb) wrestling, chariot…

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Greek Clay Pots

Image of Greek Clay Pots

Year 3 have been making Greek Clay Pots. They began by designing their clay pot. They then made their pots using the coiling method and they designed their art work. Once they dried, they painted their design onto their pots and then they evaluated their pots. What do you think of…

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Ancient Greeks with Clive Pig

Image of Ancient Greeks with Clive Pig

Today, a very special visitor, Clive Pig, came in to school to teach us about Ancient Greek Myths. We learnt lots of myths, a new song and even had a go at bartering! We can't wait to continue learning about Ancient Greece in upcoming weeks!


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Ukeleles Day!

Image of Ukeleles Day!

Today, we had a special visitor at school. Kip came to teach us how to play ukeleles! We learnt how to play TWO songs on the ukelele and performed them beautifully at the end. We can't wait to learn more songs on the ukeleles with Kip next year! 

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Ready, Set, Scoot!

Image of Ready, Set, Scoot!

For our class treat, we had a bikes and scooters day where we set up a track and rode around on our bikes and scooters. Our track included traffic lights, cones to ride around, parking spaces, shops and even zebra crossings! Miss Johns, Mrs Brassington and Mrs Burnham even joined in with a race on…

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Investigating Friction!

Image of Investigating Friction!

Today, we investigated the effect of friction. We looked at different surfaces and predicted which surface would create the most friction. We spoke about how to make sure our experiment was a fair test and decided that we would only change one variable (the surface). We measured how far a car…

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Exploring Nutrients!

Image of Exploring Nutrients!

After exploring different nutrients, it was clear that we needed some more practice in exploring different nutrients that food provides. We decided to make our own healthy meals to explore nutrients further. We discussed what nutrients were provided by different foods and tried to make sure our…

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Making Wooden Photo Frames to Display our Cave Art

Image of Making Wooden Photo Frames to Display our Cave Art

The children have been working so hard over the past few weeks creating their own photo frames to display their cave art. First, they created their own cave art using charcoal and by making their own paint out of natural resources, just like hunter-gatherers would have in the Stone Age. After…

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