Before bird watching, we talked about how many different birds we knew. With over twenty different species I was very impressed! Answers ranged from sparrows, woodpeckers and kingfishers to flamingos, penguins and ostriches! This led to conversations around which types of birds we would be likely to see in our school grounds and the reasons why we may not see others. “We are unlikely to see a kingfisher because I know that they like to eat fish from lakes and ponds, and we don’t have one of those nearby in our habitat.” “Penguins are definitely a bird we aren’t going to see because they a best suited to cold habitats where there is snowy and icy.”

After then going outside to do our bird watching session, this then sparked lots of conversations. We talked about how it was quite tricky to identify birds that are up in the sky, quite far away from our school grounds. We talked about how it would be great to attract more birds to our school environment and knew that the best way to do this was through the use of bird feeders, houses etc. A letter to the PTFA is going to be written with the children so that their ideas can be put into action, with the help of the Rights Ambassadors!