Class Ambassadors AND Champions of Specific Rights!

Our class ambassadors have decided to each champion one of UNICEF's Rights of the Child. They will be a point of contact for that right and will deliver assemblies relating to that right.

The rights that our amazing ambassadors have chosen to champion are:

Norah – the right to a name

Jack – the right to feel safe

Ella – the right to a voice

Archie – the right to be healthy

Lily - the right to information

Ted – the right to an education

Phoebe - the right to be listened to and respected

Finn – the right to food and shelter

Amelia – the right to not be discriminated against

Olly – the right to set up and join groups

Rosie – the right to be supported as you become more independent

Austin – the right to have those around be aware of children's rights

Watch this space as the ambassadors begin to increase awareness of 'their own' rights through delivering assemblies, talking to others, possibly creating some video content and maybe even writing some posts for this blog!


Well done, Ambassadors!