Open the Book: The Fiery Furnace

Image of Open the Book: The Fiery Furnace

This afternoon, we welcomed 'Open the Book' into school, who performed the bible story 'The Fiery Furnace', along with some volunteers from Buttercup and Primrose Classes.

In this story King Nebuchadnezzar built a golden statue of himself for everyone to worship. However, three men named…

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What was it like when our grandparents' were young?

Image of What was it like when our grandparents' were young?

This afternoon we interviewed Sophie’s grandma, Sharon, about her childhood. We asked questions about her toys, the food she used to eat and what school was like. We were amazed to discover that there were no mobile phones, people didn’t have McDonalds or KFC because the only takeaway that you…

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Stepping back in time

Image of Stepping back in time

Today Buttercup class stepped back in time thanks to Newton Abbot museum.  To help us think about life in the past we handled a range of artefacts and discovered their purpose.  We were surprised at some of the items, especially the hot water bottle, and all agreed that we preferred the modern…

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Open the Book: Jesus and the Tax Collector

Image of Open the Book: Jesus and the Tax Collector
Today we welcomed 'Open the Book' into school, who along with some children in Y1 and 2, performed a story about Zacchaeus called ‘Jesus and the Tax Collector’. Zacchaeus was not kind to the people at the beginning and hurt many feelings, but through Jesus he saw the error of his ways and changed…
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Children in need

Image of Children in need

The children in Dandelion looked fab in their 'ME' outfits for this year's Children In Need Day. There were lots of Pudsey themed activities today and in cooking we made cheesy Pudsey puffs! 

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Remembrance day

Image of Remembrance day

For our cooking this week we decided to make poppy inspired cupcakes. We followed a simple recipe then added red food colouring and poppy seeds. 

We started our session by feeling the poppy seeds and eating a few (just to check we wanted them in our cupcakes). Once we had explored the seeds, we…

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Halloween baking

Image of Halloween baking

Today in Dandelions, as part of our new Friday cooking sessions we made Halloween biscuits following the BBC good food recipe  We made it our own by adding in 'witching hour' and 'vampire bats' sprinkles! After the children had rolled out…

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Image of Diwali

This week in Dandelions we have explored Diwali.

We started the day by reading the story of Rama and Sita, the children were very engrossed and loved the 10 headed King. We then learnt about Diva lamps and how they were used to light the way home for Rama and Sita.

The children spent the day…

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Black history month

Image of Black history month

We are focusing on one or two historical black figures to celebrate and recognise the important people that helped change and influence our lives!

We have learnt about Ella Fitzgerald, we read her story, listened to her music and talked about how it made us feel then tried to make our own…

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