World Book Day! Buttercup Class!

Image of World Book Day! Buttercup Class!

Wow!  Buttercup looked FANTASTIC! We loved sharing our costumes and favourite books.  In the afternoon, we enjoyed creating our own versions of  'Dear Greenpeace' by Simon James, using Purple Mash.

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Dogs Trust Visit

Image of Dogs Trust Visit

This afternoon we had a visitor from the Dogs Trust.  Emily explained that dogs have feelings just like us and its how we behave around them that helps dogs to be happy.  If a dog is happy they might show you by licking you or snuggling with you.  If a dog is scared it might tell you by scratching…

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Red Nose Day!

Image of Red Nose Day!

We had a great time celebrating Red Nose Day.  Our class ambassadors, Percy and Zara, performed jokes in our assembly and as a result, inspired many of us to create our very own joke books!


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Science Week - Buttercup Class

Image of Science Week - Buttercup Class

This year's focus for Science Week was 'Time'. In Buttercup Class, we made jelly to help us understand time.  The children investigated if adding fruit to jelly changed how long it took to set.  All but one of the groups made different flavour jelly with different fruits.  The group that didn't…

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Interactive Concert with Kip - Year 1 and 2

Image of Interactive Concert with Kip - Year 1 and 2

What a great morning we had singing with Kip! The Y1 children taught the Y2 children one of the songs and actions they had learnt and vice versa.  They were all super teachers!  The children then listened carefully to some pieces of music performed by Kip.  We really enjoyed singing with…

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Open the Book: The Lost Sheep

Image of Open the Book:  The Lost Sheep

To our surprise the parable of the lost sheep was about much more than a wandering animal. Through the magical story telling of ‘Open the Book’ we learnt about perseverance and that the powerful message in this parable is that God seeks out his lost children! God cares greatly for each and every…

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Buttercup Singing Concert

Image of Buttercup Singing Concert

This afternoon, Buttercup class were able to showcase their fantastic singing and play percussion instruments in a performance for their grown ups.

The children have been building up to this over the last 4 weeks, with the help of Kip, an external music teacher.  As well as teaching us a range…

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Christmas Lunch 2023

Image of Christmas Lunch 2023

Today we enjoyed Christmas lunch, I was very impressed with all the people who tried a sprout. Some of us even realised that sprouts were delicious!

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Grandparent's Afternoon

Image of Grandparent's Afternoon

Today we welcomed our grandparents' into Buttercup class for an afternoon of festive crafts.  We made cards, hats, decorations and tasty treats.

What an enjoyable and memorable afternoon it was!

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Buttercup go on an adventure!

Image of Buttercup go on an adventure!

This afternoon Buttercup went on an adventure in the Explorer Dome!  We went on an immersive exploration of the world, experiencing hot rainforests, dry deserts and even the freezing arctic!  We learnt about some unusual animal behaviours and adaptations and discovered what we can all do to help…

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Baarmy Bethlehem!

Image of Baarmy Bethlehem!

For their nativity, Year 1 and 2 performed Baarmy Bethlehem, a story about ‘party sheep’ who love to ‘Baa Baa Boogie’!

Cheeky, Rascal, Tinker and Scamp the sheep are real party animals! So, when they see Bethlehem filling up for Caesar’s census, they assume it’s for a big celebration and they…

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Open the Book: The Fiery Furnace

Image of Open the Book: The Fiery Furnace

This afternoon, we welcomed 'Open the Book' into school, who performed the bible story 'The Fiery Furnace', along with some volunteers from Buttercup and Primrose Classes.

In this story King Nebuchadnezzar built a golden statue of himself for everyone to worship. However, three men named…

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