Open the Book: Down Through the Roof

Image of Open the Book: Down Through the Roof

This afternoon we heard the story 'Down through the Roof'.  A man who could not walk wanted to be healed by Jesus. When the man’s friends carried him to the house where Jesus was staying, they found the house to be packed with people wanting to hear Jesus and be healed by him. The friends made…

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Open the Book: David and Goliath

Image of Open the Book: David and Goliath

This half term Open the book performed the story of David and Goliath.  David was a shepherd boy and Goliath a fearsome warrior.  In this story we learned that the Israelites and the Philistines were at war and the Philistine army had a giant of a champion in Goliath. No-one had ever been brave…

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Open the Book - The Easter Story

Image of Open the Book - The Easter Story

This afternoon, we were treated to a re-telling of the Easter Story by Open the Book.

Through the story we learnt that, to Christian's, Easter is much more than chocolate Easter eggs.  We discovered what happened when Jesus died on the cross and considered how surprised Jesus's friends were…

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Our Day at the Zoo!

Image of Our Day at the Zoo!

Monkeys, tortoises and ostriches… oh my!

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RE: Understanding Shabbat

Image of RE: Understanding Shabbat

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about Judaism.  Today we recapped our understanding of what Shabbat is and how and why it is celebrated.  We recreated some aspects of Shabbat by making Challah bread and drinking grape juice.  The children worked in groups to follow the recipe,…

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Andy Seed

Image of Andy Seed

What a fantastic day!

We have all been inspired to get reading by the wonderful author, Andy Seed! He had us all giggling away as we recited poems, played with language and learnt what it takes to be an author (especially with the perks he mentioned like… being your own boss and eating biscuits…

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Open the Book: Jonah the Groaner

Image of Open the Book: Jonah the Groaner

This afternoon the story of Jonah the Groaner was brought to life by 'Open the Book' and a few helpers.  We learnt that the overarching message from of this story is that of compassion which is one of our school values.  We also learnt that Christians believe that even though Jonah had let God…

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Explorer Dome: Environment Show

Image of Explorer Dome: Environment Show

This afternoon we became adventurers, exploring Planet Earth.

We enjoyed crawling through the tunnel, following the fairy lights into the dome,  where we looked at the night sky and images of planet Earth from space.   We visited the jungle, savannah, desert and found out about deforestation in…

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Snuggle Up and Read

Image of Snuggle Up and Read

At Kingsteignton School we want reading to be more than something that the children have to do at school.  We want reading to become something that the children choose to do because they enjoy it!   As Dr Seuss once said, “You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax, all you need is…

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Christmas Lunch

Image of Christmas Lunch

Today we really did get into the festive spirit! With our Christmas jumpers and reindeer hats at the ready, we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas lunch cooked by the school kitchen. There was plenty of cracker pulling, joke telling and Christmas brownie eating! It was so lovely to see all of their…

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Grandparent's Afternoon

Image of Grandparent's Afternoon

It was a real treat to welcome so many Grandparent's, and honorary Grandparent's into Buttercup Class on Friday afternoon to enjoy some Christmas craft together. The children made reindeer hats in preparation for Christmas lunch on Wednesday, melted snowman biscuits, Christmas cards, tree…

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A visit from St Nicholas!

Image of A visit from St Nicholas!

Today the children in Buttercup received a visit from St Nicholas.  After looking at our lovely gifts we found out about who St Nicholas was and heard some stories about him. What an exciting start to the day!

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