Cooking Paella!

Image of Cooking Paella!

We had a great day cooking and tasting our paella! First, we worked together and persevered to slice and chop all the vegetables and then set to work cooking our Mediterranean Paella. We enjoyed tasting our paella and we can't wait to share it with you at home! 


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Leavers Hoodies

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The children in year 6 were overjoyed to get their Leavers Hoodies to celebrate their last year at Kingsteignton School! 

Thank you to the PTFA team for donating towards each child's hoodie!


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Ukulele Concert with Kip

{gallery-slideshow:Speedwell- concert with Kip}

Here are some photos and videos from Year 6's fantastic Ukulele concert! The children performed to their adults after weekly music lessons with Kip Pratt (a specialist music teacher)! The children learnt several songs and learnt to play a variety of songs on the Ukulele! 

Well done to all the…

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Ukelele Concert!

Image of Ukelele Concert!

Year 4 have worked hard to learn how to play different songs on the Ukeleles. They have had nine sessions with Kip and then got to perform their final pieces today!  They enjoyed performing as part of a band and did a great job at keeping in time with each other! 


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Explorer Dome - States of Matter!

Image of Explorer Dome - States of Matter!

Year 4 had a great day watching their states of matter science show. We learnt about the states of matter of different materials and explored how some materials can change states. We learnt how different particles move and got to explore liquid nitrogen and how to make fire burn…

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Making Roman Catapults!

Image of Making Roman Catapults!

We researched different catapults that the Romans used and then looked at various different wood, keeping in mind our aim of making a catapult which would be able to launch a pom pom as far as possible. We then chose the wood and set to work designing our catapults. When we made the catapults, we…

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Changing States of Matter!

Image of Changing States of Matter!

Today, we observed materials that can change their states of matter. We had a competition to see who could melt an ice cube from a solid to liquid the fastest, using only our body. We then explored different materials and changed their state of matter - we melted chocolate, thinking about whether…

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Materials that are hard to sort!

Image of Materials that are hard to sort!

Today, we explored materials that are more difficult to sort into solids, liquids and gases. We learnt that some materials, like ooblek and toothpaste, are a combination of solid and liquid. We also looked at materials that flow slower than water but are still liquids like…

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Harvest Festival

Image of Harvest Festival

Year 4 went to Kingsteignton Church to learn all about Harvest. They took part in 5 different activities which related to harvest. We even got to bring home our own boats and clay pots! 


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Roast Dinner

Image of Roast Dinner

As part of our design and technology work, we have prepared and cooked a roast dinner! We discussed which vegetables we like and which we wanted to include in our roast dinner. We then researched the cost of each ingredient needed for a roast dinner using a supermarket website.

On the last day…

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Paignton Zoo- Year 6

Image of Paignton Zoo- Year 6

We had an amazing time at the zoo today! 

We felt very grateful that Paignton Zoo offered schools the opportunity to visit the zoo for free to celebrate their 100 year anniversary! 

We had a brilliant time learning about endangered species, stomping over the wobbly bridge, learning about the…

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Cranesbill's Pencil Cases are Sew Lovely

Image of Cranesbill's Pencil Cases are Sew Lovely

Year 3 have been busy designing pencil cases and making them. They got to practice their running stitch and stitching on a button as well as learning a new stitch (blanket stitch). They also decorated their pencil cases using their chosen design, carefully cutting out shapes. We are sew happy with…

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