Dogs Trust Visit!

Image of Dogs Trust Visit!

This afternoon, we had a visitor from the Dogs Trust. Emily explained that dogs have feelings, just like us, and that how we behave around dogs helps them to be happy. If a dog is scared, it might tell us by scratching or even biting! We learnt the 5 happy dog rules, through some drama, and…

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Red Nose Day!

Image of Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day 2024 saw a sea of red, along with some very worthy ‘Design Your Own Red Nose’ winners (2 from Primrose Class!) and a comedy section of the assembly!

Thank you to our Class Ambassadors, Rory and Lola, who helped take a lead role in organising this day!

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Science Week 2024!

Image of Science Week 2024!

This year's focus for Science Week was 'Time'. In Primrose Class, we made 4 boats in our groups out of different materials. We then watched how, over time, the boats began to absorb water, sink or remain floating. Before carrying out this investigation, the children discussed how to keep it a fair…

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World Book Day!

Image of World Book Day!

Well, as always, one of my favourite days of the year did NOT disappoint. To celebrate, we begun the day with a parade as a whole school, where each class went around the playground to give everybody any opportunity to see each other’s efforts.

With the theme of being eco-friendly and doing our…

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An author visit from Simon James!

Image of An author visit from Simon James!

This week is all about World Book Day! Today, we were very lucky to have the author and illustrator, Simon James, in for a whole day. Every child had a session with the author. He shared his childhood favourite stories with us and explained how he was once a child at primary school learning to…

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A school day as a Victorian!

Image of A school day as a Victorian!

Once the children had paid to get into school, they were able to see elements of what a Victorian classroom would have looked like. They noticed chalkboards, a picture of Queen Victoria, tables in rows and very plain walls. They then learnt how they would have answered the register and the main…

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Singing concert with Kip!

Image of Singing concert with Kip!

To finish our 5 sessions that we have had with Kip, we had the wonderful opportunity of showcasing all the songs we had learnt through a concert to you all. Our songs have involved lots of musical skills including composing, using percussion instruments and even singing in different languages! We…

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Stepping back in time!

Image of Stepping back in time!

To immerse ourselves fully in our Victorian topic, we took a trip to Bygones where we were able to dress up as maids and Victorian boys ready to embark on a trip through a Victorian street. The children were able to see all different areas of life including what the posh and poor Victorian houses…

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Singing Session with Kip!

Image of Singing Session with Kip!

Today, the children had our first session with an external music teacher, Kip, who did a singing session with us. This is the first of a few sessions with him where the children will be getting secure with a range of songs, alongside percussion instruments. The children absolutely loved the songs…

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Christmas Lunch for Primrose Class!

Image of Christmas Lunch for Primrose Class!

We really do know it's Christmas time when it is Christmas jumper day for our Christmas lunch! The children were able to wear their reindeer hats that they made during their Grandparent's afternoon and enjoyed pulling their crackers with their friends. A huge thank you to the kitchen staff for…

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Grandparent's Christmas Craft Afternoon!

Image of Grandparent's Christmas Craft Afternoon!

It was so lovely to welcome all of Primroses Grandparent's into our classroom during the festive period to join us in creating a range of Christmas crafts. Together, the children created orange Christmas tree decorations, a Christmas card, a melting snowman biscuit and a rudolph hat ready for our…

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Lights... camera... ACTION!

Image of Lights... camera... ACTION!

For those of you that came to see the performance, we are sure you will agree that the children managed to create a performance that they should be SO proud of. he singing was fantastic, they learnt their lines beautifully and they were able to add in a little extra humour too which made it such…

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