Up, Up and Away!

Image of Up, Up and Away!

In order to fully embrace our Geography Big Question of, 'What goes on at an airport and train station?', our hall was set up as an airport for today! The children bought in their hand luggage cases and were ready to board Kingsteignton School Airways! We went through the whole process of an…

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The Egg Hatched!

Image of The Egg Hatched!

After patiently waiting and closely observing, the egg hatched overnight! The children came in to quite a mess in the classroom and were eager to find out what had happened! We decided to ask the office to send us CCTV footage of the egg hatching... they managed to get the outcome on video! As you…

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A Special Delivery!

Image of A Special Delivery!

To kick start our Science topic of Animals' Needs for Survival, we had an egg delivered to the classroom. The children have enjoyed predicting what might be inside and are waiting patiently for it to hatch! 

We wonder what it could be?!

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Making African Masks!

Image of Making African Masks!

To finish our Kenyan topic, we designed and made our very own African masks, inspired by those that we saw from Rayson, alongside those that we have seen when learning all about the Maasai tribe! We used our knowledge of African patterns and colours to influence our design. 

Here are what…

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Ice-cream Parlour Party!

Image of Ice-cream Parlour Party!

After a very busy couple of weeks completing our Special Booklets, I' sure you will agree that the children in Primrose class deserved a huge treat for their hard work and determination they have shown. I created an ice-cream parlour for them all to enjoy, where the word 'no, you can't have that…

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Image of Rounders!

As an additional sports session, the children were invited to take part in a Torquay United rounders workshop where they were able to build up their throwing skills so that, by the end, they were able to take part in a rounders match with their peers. This was a very active session and one that…

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Very Cute Visitors!

Image of Very Cute Visitors!

We were ever so lucky today! The children had some very cute visitors in Primrose class... baby chicks! Every child had the opportunity to hold a baby chick and get up close to them. One was particularly noisy which was quite amusing! The children showed great bravery and had big smiles on their…

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Open the Book!

Image of Open the Book!

Today, for our Open the Book Assembly, we looked at the story of David and Goliath. David was a shepherd boy and Goliath was a fearsome warrior. The Israelites and the Philistines were at war and the Philistine army had a giant of a champion called Goliath. No-one has ever been brave enough to…

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Coronation Celebrations!

Image of Coronation Celebrations!

Friday was such a lovely celebration for the King's Coronation, which will be such a memorable event in history for our children! We had such a busy morning where we created a collaborative Coronation banner that will be displayed in the school for years to come. After lunch, we then came together…

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Kenya believe it?!

Image of Kenya believe it?!

Today, we had a very special visitor called Rayson. He was born in Kenya and moved to the UK in 2001. Rayson gave us an insight into what is was like living in Kenya and their traditions. This included things like the climate, what they wear, what they eat etc. To truly give us an experience of…

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Cricket Workshop!

Image of Cricket Workshop!

Today we had a cricket workshop today! This gave us a taster of two key cricket skills, batting and fielding. The children had a wonderful time and I think we will have lots of children who have found a new love in cricket!

These workshops were provided by Devon Cricket Board which is based in…

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Red Nose Day!

Image of Red Nose Day!

After Friday, I think we are all 'Knock Knock' and 'What do you call a...' worn out! Lots of jokes meant lots of laughter coming from Primrose Class which was a joy to hear! The sea of red in assembly too was also pretty impressive! Thanks for all your efforts to help us celebrate Red Nose Day…

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